Reply To: Oh look! Is that another sex trafficker?

NH Registrant

So many people are brainwashed by the media. State-run propaganda in the news, in movies, and on TV shows is everywhere. Even things that are completely unrelated have mentioned sex crime things and stereotypes. It definitely seems like it’s social engineering and by design. A sex crime accusation against a person who can’t afford a lawyer is an easy win. It’s money for the state that they can collect from taxpayers while that person is locked up for increasingly longer sentences. Innocence doesn’t even matter when you have a conditioned populace to draw a jury pool from. Most people are bullied away from going to trial by threats of “throwing the book” at them – where they would get the maximum sentence. So, nearly all the people who couldn’t afford a lawyer are in prison because they took a plea deal. It happened to me. I had to take a plea deal because it was my word against a cop. I would have lost and would have gotten decades. Such is the travesty of our so-called justice system. It’s wheels are greased by the moral panic created by their state-run propaganda.