Reply To: Colorado ruling sparks deeper debate over sex offender registries


Shem Slocum

Im in nebraska. I was convitcted of attempted sexual assault on a child for literally giving a 14 yr old girl a titty twister when i was 26. The conviction date is 2006 i was sentenced to 10years on the registry and 2 yrs probation. In 2009 they changed the statute and now i have to wait an additional 5 years. I should have been off the registry a year ago but im not and to get off before 2021 i would have to go to this hyper expensive, year long, intensive sex offender therapy. Its an ex post facto law that somehow nobody is doing anything about. I donated to today. Maybe my $10 can help
Ive lost 2 meaningful relationships at least partially due to the extreme pressures of being with someone on the registry. Ive had to worry about someone at school saying something to my teenage daughter. I worry about teachers demonizing my 5 yr old son because of the way ive been demonized. The sex offender registry is criminal. In nebraska they post everyone on the registry on the sheriff dept. Facebook page with vague information leaving me looking like a pedophile. We need change for the future of our children an the elimination of the 21st century witchhunt!