Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

I filed My Mandamus 13 October 2017 in the Harrisburg Commonwealth Court under file mark 463MD2017 –
The clerk filed my mandamus –
I also files a Nunc Pro Tunc motion in support of Mandamus injunction
I filed also a Petition for Summary Judgement –

My main theme is not Muniz because that case is in a stay.

My main position is All old Megan’s Law’s were expired on 20 December 2012 at SORNA enactment

Commonwealth v. Beattie 93 Pa. Super. 404 (1928) is good law on expired statues in the commonwealth.

I got this case at the Temple University Law Library.

An expired statue is considered as if it had never existed . . . All Old Megan’s Laws 1 , 2, 3, were expired 20 December 2012 by SORNA Megan’s Law 4. . . . .

Throne v. Commnonwealth Ex. Rel. PSP stated when Law makers make a Magan’s Law 5 it will expired Megan’s Law 4 SORNA and that would cause a bigger problem. . . . . .

The Pa. Law Makers are in just as much a nail biting position as RSO’s They are hoping against hope that DA Freed puts forth a good Cert to the SCOTUS that will move the Solictor General to write a request for the SCOTUS to hear MUNIZ to vote it up or down.

I am telling all on this sight that Freed will loose his battle. Muniz will prevail – and be denied a hearing at the SCOTUS and be shot down like Michigan – Ohio – Maryland – Alaska – Indiana – and the 6th Cir.

When the mandate and remand comes in – – – – – with MUNIZ still at a win – – – – The Pa. Law makers will be in defeat – They made no legislative fix because that would have made a greater problem for pre- and post SORNA by expiring Megan’s Law 4 with 5.

The AG of Pa. and the PSP will be very stun by the return of Muniz to be the law of the Law in PA. . . . . . Freed filed a cert to buy more time – the only time he has is the run of the SCOTUS docked. The death sign is the Solicitor General’s response. If He ignores Freed so will the 9 juctices of the SCOTUS and Muniz will return to PA SC for a mandate to the Pa. AG and PSP to remove 10,000 RSO’s off the list to go on with their life. . . . . . . . . thank you for reading this – This situation cannot be fixed – it is too broken. . . There is no Old Megan’s Laws to revert people back to they all were EXPIRED.