Reply To: For a registered sex offender, how much rehabilitation is enough?


Rehabilitation, That in itself is a good question. I would suppose it would depend on the instructor, the probation officer, and the district attorney, but in the end there is always a rebuttal effect tied to it. Even after a probation or a jail sentence the authorities can come back and say, in their opinion, that the person needs more supervision thus life long controlling factors as most of these sex offense situations’ go.
Sure I wish that anyone that had a sex conviction does their time or probation and never does something like that again but it does happen.
That doesn’t look good for those that are trying to get off of the registry. Its sort of mixed and even with this fellow in Virginia that the governor restored his rights it appears to put a damper on the circumstances we all are prone to at this time. Its all about honesty.. If the PO and others say we feel you don’t need rehabilitation than that should be it., but considering all factors they will even have a way of twisting that also.