Reply To: For a registered sex offender, how much rehabilitation is enough?


Rick Fahlbush

I have recently been released from prison after doing 12 years of a 15-year sentence. I expected that parole may be challenging, but had no idea of the real magnitude. I left the system as a ZERO. That is the number that the system placed on my chances of recidivism after completing a 9-month treatment program. Even though the therapists inside the system placed such a low risk in my file, the parole board sent me out on a Super Intensive Supervised Parole ( known here in Texas as SISP). The new restrictions have made any type of normal life absolutely impossible, not just for, but even for the person that allows me to stay in her home. Schedules need to be made up weeks in advance, including the stop, their phone number, and address. Who knows 3 three weeks in advance the exact moment that they’ll need fuel? Or the phone number of that fuel station. I’m out 6 weeks now and still haven’t got a driver’s license. Not because I haven’t tried, but because little things happen, like the film being offline at the DPS office. That pushed me back two weeks because of scheduling. Normally, you or any other individual would have just gone back the next day. Does somebody want to talk about frustrating?