Reply To: For a registered sex offender, how much rehabilitation is enough?

Tim L


My middle initials are, D.A.. I can relate to your desire to be admitted to the bar. It was my late grandfathers wish that I ended up an attorney. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. I was derailed by an accusation of child molestation on my birthday in 1991. To make a long story shorter, in one fell swoop the state of Wisconsin made me a felon and SO in the spring of 92. I know I was not guilty AND I believe I can prove it.! What I did not know then was the states do not need evidence to convict. A single accusation is enough.

Our legal system has done this to hundreds maybe thousands of people. What I can not figure is why? Who benefits from this making felons out of those who are not?
Of particular interest here on the NARSOL site is the ban on FB use. I think it curious that the ban occurred AFTER a man was able to prove his innocence via FB. His accuser admitted in a chat room that she complained in order to get money via law suit from the school which she attended with the man she accused. It worked too!
I believe the same people who benefit from wrongful felonization are behind the FB ban. It is a way of covering their backsides. We see the same behavior when wrongfully convicted individuals attempt to clear their name. The DAs fight them every step of the way even when DNA points to another person. I have had many a conversation with attorneys dealing with wrongful conviction just to figure out what to do about it. Unfortunately, my case falls to the bottom if the priority list, because I am not in prison as many wrongfully convicted are.

Never the less, I find myself on the WISORNA list today and suffer the same restrictions and indignities. Like it or not I am on it. Twice I have confronted the system by demanding trial for failure to register. I am 1-1. Truth telling to power is never easy but I will attempt to again soon.

Would you be interested in playing a role in such an endeavour? If so feel free to respond here. I have nothing to hide AMA! Maybe we can help some others along the way.