Reply To: KY: Federal judge strikes internet restrictions, online identifiers


Well pretty soon all this politicians and whatnot are going to take everything away from us. Our rights, homes, families, friends probably the cloths off our backs to. And you know what that gets SO’s and felons, Wana make a wild guess, I’ll give you a hint, (NOTHING TO LOOSE)!!!!!! That’s what’s going to happen. If they keep taking and taking and taking and all of this restrictions restrictions restrictions. Sorry I’m just a little tired of this garbage and noone absolutely NOONE wants to help us.
All I know is we all live and then we all die and in the end we meet what is called our maker weather you want to believe it or not, we were put here on this earth we may have come from a puddle of slime on a rock but we were planned we weren’t mistakenly dropped on earth I don’t care what scientists want to say but they are partially correct about the slime part which I believe but that slime was planned. All these people who want to make these restrictions and laws that bind us will be given to them 10 fold my friends, I am not religious I am spiritual and a little scientific, some day we will be free one way or the other alive or dead but we will be free!