Reply To: NARSOL calls on Zuckerberg, Facebook to change policy

david hahn

@ Scott

to be clear on Face Book’s policy there is a process that if someone can show you’re on any registry they’ll remove you. Furthermore, I was recently deemed ineligible for FB and I believe it’s because the Telco’s have begun feeding them your phone numbers. That’s how I believe they got me, and I think I have proved it.

Some here may not give a rat’s ass about FB, but I had an account for over 6 years and shared many memories with friends across the globe and I do use it to keep informed as well. So it’s a worthy fight and the stuff cited in these recent court victories about being a public square, etc are very relevant.

I dont think we need to wait for the Internet as a utility to challenge this–if it’s being cited as a place to get word from your elected government officials and has become so ingrained in social lives of people then they must be responsible with this power over who is or isn’t ostracized from the public domain