Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution


I did see that. I am waiting for SCOTUSBlog to pick up the case so I can read the petition and the other filings that will be there by that time. Also, when I called the Megans Law Section they told me it was filed on the 13th. They also said there was never any doubt about filing even after the Snyder case was denied.
I spoke to my neighbor who is in law enforcement. He told me what we all suspected. Freed and company are just delaying. Everyone knows the writing is on the wall for the registry. However, He told me that the General Assemvly is interested in designing a registry that complies with the law.
I never understood why the state is so afraid to let sex offenders go once they have completed their time. I finished my parole in 2012 , yet I have neighbors that think I should never be off of parole. It’s kind of funny becuase everytime someone new moves to the block, there is this old lady that believes it’s her duty to inform them that a “sex offender” lives on the block . Most don’t care, but there has been a few that freaked out. One even wanted the police to ORDER me to move even though I was on the block FIRST. She told the cops that I shouldn’t be allowed to live where there is indoor plumbing. I just laugh becuase I do not associate with anyone on my block, primarily due to the registry. I don’t talk to them or make it a point to start a conversation if I see them but I am a THREAT to society. I will say hello in passing but that is all.
It was funny when my niece and brother moved in for a bit The old lady almost had a heart attack. She ran over to make sure my brother knew. He said, “I know he is my brother” she tried to call CYS to have his kid taken away because the only logical reason why he would allow a child to live with me was becuase my brother and I were committing crimes together…. LOL… Not becuase we are family and he loves me no matter what.