Reply To: Going home: Even sex offenders should be allowed to rejoin society


There’s absolutely nothing to be available about sex offenders. If you had sex on beach and you are put away for that clearly, you don’t deserve to be put away. But that’s about it. If you have abused a child in any way or forcibly raped anyone in any way, you do not deserve to be out of prison ever. In my opinion you are not capable of Rehabilitation common or do you have the right to do so. As the author said, these actions affect victims in ways that we cannot even imagine. It affects the core of their being and who they become. This is the worst crime there is. And there is a reason why it is treated as such in prison. The fact that sex offenders and sexual predators, yes I said Predators because that’s exactly what they are, want more rights and are not given the gas chamber immediately upon a guilty verdict, is unbelievable to me. I truly honestly hope, that sometime in the future Society realizes just how detrimental these people are and how releasing them into society is absolutely unacceptable. They should be given the death penalty with a $0.15 bullet or should be killed by the family. That would be Justice.