Reply To: KY: Federal judge strikes internet restrictions, online identifiers



You might want to look into this but here is what MY understanding of the Facebook situation is regarding the deletion of sex offenders;

Back in 2009/10 -ish, the then Attorney General of Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, requested that social media sites such as Facebook go through all their members and delete the accounts of those who appear on the SOR. Facebook’s initial response was: “No”.
So, Mr. Blumenthal did what he is well known for doing – threatening with lawsuits. Then Facebook caved and did as he requested. Mind you, he also got other states Attorney Generals to gang up on Facebook with him. Cuz that’s the scum bag that he is. And yes, he IS a scum bag. And now he’s our Senator.
He’s also a very left leaning liberal Democrat. Just sayin.