Reply To: KY: Federal judge strikes internet restrictions, online identifiers


Larry you brought up a good point. I can understand your view as well as Robin’s. Hey I’m guilty of a potty mouth and that’s a no, no I suppose. Sure these enforcement people that do these things, they seem to go to an adult site to enforce instead of a teenage site. Now that would make a lot more sense. In most of these things they are trying to break down your will and get you to come down their. Its like giving an opportunity to do wrong or tempting one in all this.
Sure I’d like to go to church but I have to have a chaperone and sure I made a choice and wanted to back out. See free will and choices are two different things to me it seems. I know we are suppose to obey ordinances but some of this free speech thing is a getting out of hand. Sure I told my PO its all about being honest and conducting oneself in a right way.
I often wonder about those enticing e-mails from those people that want to say lets get together, or want to hook up and all that nonsense. I wouldn’t put it past law enforcement to try tricks like that. I think me and Brian discussed that on here. Someone should check that out plus this sex torsion thing. also.