Reply To: KY: Federal judge strikes internet restrictions, online identifiers

Larry Evans

I beleive the courts are realizing what has been taking place ever since the Registry was started only the courts were lied too along the way as they increased their punitive laws on this group of people. now all these states have gone out of their way to violate our constitutional rights, and even these small cities with their Ordiences but untill recently there were no challenges to them you see while they thought they had the moral upper hand now they are scared of being sued.Since the courts and the federal Government have made us a class of persons all to ourselves its time we really need to come together and keep the pressure on where ever we can to bring this to light. (1) there has not been one child saved by this registration, they tell the same lie over and over, but when it comes down they cant muster one true example to back up their claim that the public has been protected. thats why finally they are loosing their minds the Constitution protects every citizen including the group labled( Sex-offender) so everyone has their own horor story, each of us has many voices, ours,families, wives, friends ( the true ones) relatives its long over due time scream about discrimination . come together with one voice. thank you to all those differant groups who have been fighting for change we cant thank you enough.