Reply To: KY: Federal judge strikes internet restrictions, online identifiers


You know we all do stupid things, and we all make mistakes as emma said. Here’s one I did and yes I went back to court for it. During my second polygraph test I mentioned to the tester that I was on facebook. While that raised an eyebrow to him so he quickly tells my probation officer. Well I did not lie but the thing about it and the reason I went on facebook was to sign up to campaign for Trump as I mentioned to my PO. See I wanted to sign up to be in the telephone room to campaign and get voters to vote for president Trump. Yes, he said I lied to him which didn’t appear right just because I signed up to campaign for President Trump.
Now folks weather you like the President that’s besides the point. There is a reason for all season’s and it seems that the Supreme Courts are finely seeing the light so to speak. During court my lawyer didn’t want me to speak up but I did and ask for a second chance. Now my PO is I’m sure like a lot of others. Sure they want to play the bad guy but remember they are servants of the court and directed by the courts. Now we are into the Supreme Authority and I’m sure we all know who the Supreme Authority is. Court systems are not perfect and this article shed’s more light on the subject matter.