Reply To: KY: Federal judge strikes internet restrictions, online identifiers

Steward Steckley

It is my opinion that everyone should be allowed to use Facebook. The punishment was handed down by the judge. It is not up to society to decide to punish you further. For example, a bakery cannot ban a same-sex couple from buying a wedding cake because it is discriminatory. I know that convicted felons are not “protected citizens”, however, what needs to be understood is that punishment theoretically should end when incarceration and/or parole/probation ends. THAT was the punishment. In Pennsylvania, Article I, Section 1 of our state Constitution gives ALL Pennsylvanians the right to a good reputation. And, the PA Supreme Court saw fit to mention that in one of their latest opinions concerning SORNA or Megan’s Law. In my opinion, every state and the Federal Constitution should have that clause inserted. William Penn was a “criminal” himself, and I believe he added that into the provincial constitution for that reason.