Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry

Alyce Blair

The sex offender registry is only further destroying many lives and people since of self respect… I do believe that they are certain offenders who should have to register that’s the tier 3 offender and some of the tier 2 should register for a shorter time… As of now All 3 tiers are grouped together and when folks see a name Pop up on the registry that name and face become an immediate terminal cancer to society… Take my fiance for a example. He was arrested in TN and sentenced to 3 years of in jail phycosexual counseling and has to be on the registry for ten years… He was charged with “Criminal responsibility for a in the commission of a statutory rape” what it meant was his 15 year old son had consentual sex with a female over the age of 18 in his father’s home and his father didn’t report the yong lady to the police… The ex wife did and get this… The girl who he was said to be having sex with was given a 2 year sentence suspended and does NOT HAVE TO REGISTER… My fiance did absolutely nothing and this twisted up sex offender registry has nearly destroyed his life… Something needs to change now