Reply To: We’re all being tricked, and that’s no treat



I think your point is on the mark but could use a little refining. I’m not so sure we need something to be afraid of, but rather the American mind set is more subconsciously oriented to hating something for some mysterious reason. Some say that it’s some form of getting therapy at the expense of other people’s misery. Another concept is that ever since we defeated Hitler in WWII, we have an arrogant bad ass attitude that drives this stupid idea that we will solve any problem by kicking ass for no other reason than Americans (mistakenly) are better than everyone else. Hell look at our fascination with sports. All over the world sports fans have passion but respect the game and how well it is played by all participants. It seems that only here in America does it turn into a standing hatred for the opposing team. The players don’t seem to have that view but the spectators do.

I could go on but to cut to the point, Americans need something to hate so they don’t have to look in the mirror at themselves. They need to feel better than the next person because they avoid accepting that they in fact may not be. They manufacture something to hate so they can feel superior to those “other people” and thus good about themselves. A tyrant will always find a way to justify his tyranny. The vehicle most used throughout history to accomplish this is fear-mongering. America has done it with Native Americans, Jews, Blacks, Gays and Immigrants just to name a few. Unfortunately the current “Hate du jour” is towards sex offenders as we all know. The American mind set does not care about the facts, and while many are aware the truth is out there, they maliciously chose to ignore it. They suck up all the negative drama in the news and on TV so the fear mongering can grow that hate which they hide behind so they don’t have to look at their own faults and many times, their own crimes. Lets face it, there isn’t a single person in the USA that can’t be criminally charged with some kind of sex crime in the current environment. And anyone who thinks that’s not true has no clear understanding of just how far out of hand this crap has gotten.

So Kendal, while your post about “Fear” is on target, I believe we need to look a little bit further to understand that they hate sex offenders because they have to hate something and that may be why they refuse to listen to reason.