Reply To: Vice-chair interviewed for NC State Fair piece; heavily edited


Perimeter is that like saying anyone with a fake tattoo isn’t allowed to a state fair because its the state sponsoring the show? This perimeter sounds like a force field or could one say “go to jail and no get out of jail free card”.
Robin I don’t know much about your offense because each is different. Lets say they had an ordinance or a decree to bow down for the president. Would any of us bow down before the president or lets say one was pressured by undue influence into some type of situation. Does that mean we should all be duped? Law enforcement know that these internet sex sting operation’s are pre-arranged and its like premeditation if one looks at it that way.
Robin I believe this interview was a wake up call for all to understand how wrong a lot of this sex offender stuff is. I know you made a good point and they sort of black balled you in this round about interview as “We” as sex offenders getting caught up are stepping stones for one to trample on.
Robin I can somewhat understand how pissed you are as I’m sure a lot of us would be if we were in your shoes. But the thing that puzzles me is that you all look for data of something that happened in America or this nation but a lot of you all don’t look at biblical facts and truths at times and the police are no different. Just think if we didn’t have the bible or something to hold on to were would we all be. Stand up for justice folks!