Reply To: Supreme Court justices do botch the truth, even in cases of great importance


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I would like to say as far as the PA SUPREME COURT goes they could have very well stated that Muniz is constitutional and non punitive and said PA has done nothing wrong by enforcing retroactive postexfacto laws. I would like to add not all are crooked liars but yes they are out there. Buuuuuut they said oh wait this is illegal why in the first place was this law passesd to began? Incorrect statistics made up from 30 year old information form phsycoligest or therapist or wherever they got these statistics from and I think these judges are seeing through this bs that the AHOLES want to keep throwing at us. Politicians are scaring the public saying oh SO’s are a danger to the public. I honestly say me personally have never seen an honest politician not that they aren’t out there and no one is going to kill there own career to help and SO I believe the SUPREME COURT doesn’t have to worry to much about that because no one can touch them without being truly screwed big time.