Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution



Everyone had to understand most sex offender convicted before 12/20/2012 is desperate for a way off ASAP. The ONLY way off is to wait for SCOTUS to finish their work. Considering we have been waiting almost 5 years already, I do not see what a few more months would do. Look st it this way, we have the holidays to spend time with friends and family, then NFL playoffs along with the Super Bowl. By that time, we should know if the case is ready for conference. The major wildcard here is whether SCOTUS will ask the Solictor General to weigh in. If they do, that will add more time to wait for the Solictor General to reply.
However, given the fact this case is similar to Snyder vs Doe and the Solictor General all ready answers I that case, I do not THINK they will ask for his opinion in the case.
In my opinion, I THINK we have two options. Either we will have a denial by Spring, or we will be waiting the summer for the Solictor General’s response.
I have a busy Fall and Winter ahead of me with school, and getting my Summaries/ dismissals expunged, so I am excited to see where we will be come the Spring.