Reply To: We’re all being tricked, and that’s no treat


People, People, People believe it or not we’ve all been tricked or have we. Now I reviewed that video that Robin was interviewed about this state fair thing and Robin is right the police sort of turned or twisted that whole press thing to their self righteous way. Now were a lot of us tricked in these internet sex schemes… Yes as ministers of God do not do that.
Can anyone show me in the bible that says Ministers of God should present opportunities of a devilish nature?
These kids that had sex with their sisters or pre-teens or whatever the case may be, should they be branded for life with the label sex offender?
Did not JFK say theirs nothing to fear but fear itself. Now NARSOL has been making good strides in the fight for the freedom and rights of all of us on the sex registry. Sure we all can have our viewpoints but all of this is a bit belittling to the individual that happen to get caught up in all this sex registry stuff.
Government is self righteous in a lot of ways. As far as myself I am nobody, I’m just a person that try’s to follow the golden rule. Sure we all could talk about discrimination but we all know discrimination is not right. Theirs a whole lot other things we can talk about but this sex situation is a stumbling in one’s backside. A lot of all this is scare tactics. So everybody speak up for your rights and NARSOL keep up the good work.
Razor blades and poison apples give us a break. I think I will quote the bible to my PO when he show’s up on Halloween.