Reply To: Federal judge in Indiana holds mandatory “sex offender” classes unconstitutional

Jonathon Merritt

The concept that makes all of us into sacrificial animals is the concept of “Society”
This term has been high jacked by the people in power and the Sociologists who believe that our lives and our choices are not our own and that we are involuntarily born with a debt that we can never pay in full for as long as we live. They believe that the needs of the many will always outweigh the rights and liberties of the individual. More so than ever do they feel this way in regards to those on the registry. Such concepts as the Constitution,and due process , and equal rights are thrown aside when dealing with our group. We have been denied basic human rights because in the eyes of many in society, we are no longer human beings, ergo, no longer having human rights.
We are the last minority,who suffers from wholesale bigotry under color of law.
But there have been promising events in the last two years that may be a sign that there may be light at the end of this long dark tunnel that we have been forced to live in.