Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution

terry brunson

Less than 1 % of Petitions for Writ of Cert are accepted at SCOTUS. . . . . .
On the Muniz issue of restroactive application on pre SORMA – First up was Alaska – was denied Next Ohio was Denied Next Maryland – was denied- next Indiana- was denied. Then Michigan 2 Oct 2017 Hey they too were denied- Not Pa. Muniz is at the plate – – – – – – – It Too Will be denied!!!!!
I been fighting this issues on expost Facto along time- – – – – I am not a lawyer and I don’t offer legal advice – – – I just been in the fight so long I know just as much. . . . . . Muniz has killed the Megan’s law in Pa. . . . The PASC gave pa 90 days to come up with a legislative fix. . . . . . . guest what yall. . . None came the deadline was 19 October 2017 The Judicial Committee met with the PSP and Freed to ask what to do – – Freed said – a legislative fix is needed.

They got to gether and came to a dead in the SORNA expired all the old Megan’s Laws in Pa. to revert back to. If they make a new Megan’s Law it will be ex Post Facto if it is applied to pre SORNA people (that is what MUNIZ is all about.)