Reply To: We’re all being tricked, and that’s no treat

Tim L

I also know Holloween rules are a waste…no doubt, yet they are applied to P & P clients in WISC. In fact Turner was the starting point for SVP ” Civil commitment,” 980 here in the state. His case also lead to sex offender registration! He also had a prior record for molestation so he’d been on the list if it were in place. I doubt it would have prevented the victimisation tho as a guy like him would have found a way.
For me this is the reason why a society’s aim should be to judge on individual basis. Yet SORS prove that no such reason exists in the minds of the people. Holding person A responsible for the activities of person B, C, D, & F is as non-American as it gets. .Hell it is just plain stupid. Given these facts, and the fact that the man whom argued for the SORS during Alaska v Doe is now chief justice I see little hope for America as a constitutional republic. It maybe running on fumes now! 20 trillion and counting!