Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution


terry brunson

@ Brain

You can make the process move faster by filing a Writ of mandamus for injunction relief against the PSP and thiss will go much faster.

It has to be filed in Harrisburg in the Commonwealth Court

That will take the docket run about 45 days to set a hearing to be heard on the issues.

All you must do is show that you are a pre-SORNA SO by affidavit, and you desire to comidy rights under Muniz and the Pa. constitution Art 1 Sections 1, 11, 9, and 17 Please don’t mention the U S Constitution Art. 1 Section 10 because that is what Freed is appealing on and you would be denied to be heard because the issue on the federal U S Constitution needs a remand review by the SCOTUS and that what Freed’s Cert appeal is about – Just claim state rights only in the Writ of Mandamus