Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


…I said that I had one more thing to share, but after reading more into it I will not. I read the Privacy Notice on the article’s web page and I think I should not share it for legal reasons because, is intended for a specific group (members) and/or use. I do not want to cause trouble for the Moderators or NARSOL or me. It is unfortunate, because it deals with Pro Bono contacts. But just like we can be searched on Google, we can search Pro Bono for the State we need too. Any one can on their own and find info (hopefully helpful). I do not even know if what I came across would have helped in anyway, but still wanted to share it. I apologize, but I think is best I do not post the link. I wanted to ask Moderators on my post with that link to check an ensure it could be posted, but I read further and definitely would be risky because, it could be considered “commercial mass distribution” of legal copyrighted material or something. In this case even for educational purposes it seems. Why do things in life have to be so complicated (rhetorical question; I don’t need an answer…Lol) for some more than for others? Oh, well I guess!
Again I apologize.

OK, good night to everyone! Blessings!