Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I guess my point is there is a lot of people who are desperate to get off the registry ASAP. I can understand that. It might be posssible my calm demeanor is affected by the fact I do not graduate until April of 2029 so even if Muniz came into effect tomorrow, it would not help me with my future plans right away. It would remove me from the registry, however that is only half the battle.
When I first got out of jail, I was under the impression (not litterly) that there would be people waiting with fire and pitchforks at my house for me. Yes, I have face discrimination due to being a “sex offender” but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I guess my point is you have to make the best of it. First, in Pa, it is a hate crime to target someone just becuase they are ion the registry. I have an neighbor that was 100% upset I was on the registry and he was running his mouth. My girlfriend at the time called the police. They told him unless he wanted to go to prison for a long time to cool it. I have received nothing but respect from law enforcement, and a lot of them know me personally. I mean they were at my house when it was raided by PSP. Imagine waking up the day before Thanksgiving to “State Police. Search Warrant!!” I didn’t even know what had happened. But it was my laptop, so I went doen for it. My lawyer got me abdeal with NO registry. My lawyer, myself and my Assistant DA agreed to it. At the last second, Mr Freed (yes the same one) personally said NO. So every time I personally get stacked for being in the registry, in my mind I personally thank Mr. Freed.
Yes, it sucks being on the registry, and it has GREATLY altered my life. Yet, I have learned a lot about life. For every 1 person that has tried to embarrass or harass me simply for being on the registry, I have had 10 people say “So what. You did your time.” You cannot let the few people who freak out control your life.
The one positive thing I have to say about the registry, law enforcement understands that if we are afraid to register we won’t. Every Law enforcement officer I have run into have been 100% willing to protect my right to be left alone. When I got out, I thought there is no way I can’t date while on the registry. Not only did I date, but I got married while on the registry. We have since divorced but that had nothing to do with the registry.
My point is this: Yes the registry is going to affect your life, but it doesn’t have to end your life.