Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


…Thank you for your honest response. I do wish that you can accomplish taking/passing/receiving your CPA certification upon the upholding of the Muñiz case. Yes I am angry! Yes I am in discontent! …the difference being that I am in control of myself (meaning I do not condone harm nor do I act in harm to anyone). But that self-control does not change my emotions. I am glad that you are better and do not feel any “emotions” or are not moved by this enough to see how I see or feel what I feel. Then again, our circumstances may be different and clearly my time spent on this BS is much different for sure. My experiences, my pain, my losses all different. I truly can expect you or anyone to truly feel the way I feel or understand fully why. It is not fair to anyone, I get it! But to be challenged regularly even with factual knowledge provided it is beyond frustrating.

I have noticed that you have done the same to -terry brunson- in the other NARSOL article’s comments section (read your replies to terry again if need be). It is very discouraging when people like him, me & others try to help (in whatever civil/legal manner possible) and people just do not heed one’s knowledge or keep the fire of courage and encouragement going. Makes people not want to help anymore or be involved for anyone. And that is where selfishness sets in. Again, I am glad you are better and that you “refuse to allow it to be my entire life or affect my outlook on life.” I tried doing that for many years including the school thing to finish my Bachelors degree and be “someone” to this society since I do not live in “society” by myself. Does not seem to have worked for me. Not in the right places, right times, right ethnicity perhaps! I do not know nor, do I have a crystal ball to know! But I do know what is written in man’s own laws thanks to this experience and it infuriates me that “We the People” allow this and many other despicable acts against our families, our Countrymen and our Human Unalienable Rights to freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Also, it bothers me (as it should anyone that experiences the same exact thing) to spend money I do not have (so I had to borrow it) to talk to a lawyer to find out that I can submit for relief of this registry and in 7 or less days I could get relief after getting a hearing a few days after filing. Guarantee! (words of the attorney) Now you know that an attorney does not guarantee anything unless they know something! But it would cost me money I do not have! Why do I/we need to pay for something we never should in the first place to have it done just as quick? I tried over a month ago to pass that information of who and where to contact this individual to try to help folks that could afford the guy, but the Moderators did not allow the post to go thru (I am sure they had their reasons).