Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Anonymous
I share your frustration, I am a patient person though but mostly not so patient if that makes and sense, I ramble a lot trying to make sense but to me most of the time I make no sense.
Touching on the video that Mr Walsh admitted he dated a teenager when he was over 18 and was never charged. Should he still be held accountable? Absolutely I feel very bad that his child was murdered but I’m not the person who did it. He came up with this AWA and he dated an underage person, I guess the work doesn’t know about that or they can ignore it or money talks. Nothing we can control or even do anything about.
I see some people aren’t to worried about this process moving along faster but to each his own is what I say some times, to each his own.
To my own yes I want this done like like yesterday but they don’t move on what I want.
Yes I do believe that false charges may be made up just to keep people on the registry and keeping the prisons full,
The process to SCOTUS has already started and things will move slowly but they will move and it will get done one way or another, I think I will save my money for later on down the road if they want to start charging people falsely, one of us may be the next Muniz