Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



@ Anom

I was arrested in 2008 and spent the next 15 months fighting my case. I had s medical issue and spent the next 4 months waiting to be sentenced. I stated the registry in June 2010. Originally, I was sentenced to 10 years of registration but due to Adam Walsh Act it was increased to 15 years. So the Muniz decision and the Neiman decision both affect me personally. One lowers by registration period to the originally 10 years, and the other will take me off. Once, assuming it is, Muniz is upheld by either a denial of certiorari or by judgement, I will be free to have my felony removed.
This is very important to me as I am currently an Accounting Student and cannot sit for the CPA Exam with a felony. I cannot attempt to have my felony removed untill I have completed my registry time.
I completely understand wanting to have these recent court rulings appilied ASAP. What I am confused about is why you would allow them to control your behavior as they are making you seem angry and discontent.
So I personally have alot riding on the outcome of this writ of certiorari. However I refuse to allow them to control my thought process and / or feelings towards the justice system. Yes I have to register but I refuse to allow it to be my entire life or affect my outlook on life. All I was trying to say is, “Don’t worry, be Happy”. It has been almost a 7 1/2 year fight for me. I can’t wait till it’s over. Considering the ENTIRE reason I am on the registry is Mr. Freed it makes it all that sweeter his office is going to lose personally.