Reply To: This Is Life With Lisa Ling–Age Of Consent

R. Arens

The children are our future. It’s a d__ned shame to see such young, promising individuals cut down in the prime of life when despite a moment of bad judgment, they otherwise had so much to give to the world. These greedy bureaucratic scumbags in their futile attempts to further their careers and attain wealth turn these children into sacrificial lambs! Frankly, the thought of it pi__es me off. Here are children that could’ve went the distance and made good 5-6 figure salaries contributing to the common good now busted down to collecting a welfare check from the very entity that crippled them because they can’t so much as push a broom for 8 bucks a hour because even the lowliest of employers insist on a background check like it’s a security clearance for the Pentagon. Completely shameful! Kick em’ when their down and keep them in their places. That’s the American way. Shameful!