Reply To: WHY do we register children as sexual criminals?

William H

Agree with “remove the word ‘juvenile'”. The “registry” serves no purpose. It never will. The recidivism rate could be zero. It only serves to give a select group of pompous politicians or self righteous individuals a higher calling. In other words, the true intention of the registry is it makes zealots feel good. But who doesn’t want to feel good ? Like an addictive drug they want more of it. In their parochial minds where bigotry and group think is the rule, legislatures with like minded constituents want a broader spectrum of “sex” laws with harsher penalties. It makes them feel good.
Soon the number of people in the U.S. on ‘registries’ will exceed 100,000. But in the minds of legislatures and their ilk that won’t be enough. It’s not just a means to mortally punish the offender (and their loved one’s) but is also a profitable business as well. More court’s, law enforcement, counselors, attorneys, correctional facilities, ad nauseam.
The offender should be punished for the crime. If the offender is a juvenile, litigation should be in a juvenile court. But the notion that a registry is an effective deterrence is false. It’s a method to label those who have offended as sub human’s and periahs. It affects them in a way that’s unimaginable.. for life. It impacts their loved one’s and those who are related to the offender. Yet we’re told it’s not punishment by the courts. Even though it made possible by court’s and legislatures and the pompous self righteous who get satisfaction thinking that it’s going to protect the defenseless. It makes them feel good.
The registry is open to the public, it’s on the internet forever, in detail for all the voyeurs who get satisfaction from looking at it. It’s only purpose is to further punish and shame a select group of people. If the registry worked, (and it never has) then a reasonable person would conclude that perhaps a registry for other crimes would work as well. More registries less crime. I don’t think so.