Reply To: This Is Life With Lisa Ling–Age Of Consent

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Very interesting video. Thanks NARSOL for posting it.

When is it appropriate to charge a child as an adult, which is an underlying theme here, and suffer the adult consequences from childhood to adulthood? The quandary that legislatures nationwide face.

One thing that comes to mind is will this give school districts pause now to consider making high schools a three year high school (sophomore-seniors, grades 10-12)? My school district high school was this way (before becoming a four year high school), so it is not impossible to do it. You can potentially decrease the chances of these things from happening but not completely if the freshmen are participating in high school athletics at JV or Varsity levels. There was occasionally the sophomore/freshman relationship, but don’t recall any Junior (Senior)/Freshman relationships, but supposed there could have been.

Could also stem the tide of faculty/freshman relationships that seem to be happening in larger numbers or at least being reported more often.