Reply To: WHY do we register children as sexual criminals?


Alan R Hyde

I believe I have the answer but others would never believe my answer .. they would never believe it/

by the way, what we think is not what they list .. they go by blacks law…
BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY – Definitions of the Terms and Phrases of American and English Jurisprudence,
Ancient and Modern

Please refer to page 1308 you find the word, OFFENDER…
OFFENDER. Commonly used in statutes to indicate person implicated in the commission of a
crime and includes person guilty of a misdemeanor. NOTE THE meaning of implication without a trail for which NO due process and Equal Protection… State ex rel. Smith v. Jameson, 70 S.D. 503, 19 N.W.2d 505, 508.

SEE Just THE IMPLICATION OF WHICH is justified to have anyone as a OFFENDER.

look at the word OFFENSE:
OFFENSE. A crime or misdemeanor; a breach of the criminal laws. People v. Brenta, 64 Cal.
App. 91, 220 P. 447; State v. Hirsch, 91 Vt. 330, 100 A. 877, 879; Ex parte Brady, 116 Ohio St. 512, 157
N.E. 69, 70. State v. Johnson, 212 N.C. 566, 194 S.E. 319, 322.

now as you see, Some one is implicated in a commission of a crime which the breach of criminal laws just on Implication alone with out DUE PROCESS of law.

here, a example. any one which has charges, are then deeded as a offender and which is a threat to the safety of the general good. because just the IMPLICATION without due process. if the same go es to trail … he is still a offender… age is not a factor it the IMPLICATION of a breach of contract.

now you start to see would anyone which they are allow to make contract but what of the ones which contracts are not because of their age.

this leads to a elem of well FRAUD…
note the word of fraud…. page 864.

FRAUD. An intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right; a false representation of a matter of fact, whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of that which should have been disclosed, which deceives and is intended to deceive another so that he shall act upon it to his legal injury. Brainerd Dispatch Newspaper Co. v. Crow Wing County, 196 Minn. 194, 264 N.W. 779, 780.

Any kind of artifice employed by one person to deceive another. Goldstein v. Equitable Life Assur. Soc. of U. S., 160 Misc. 364, 289 N.Y.S. 1064, 1067.

A generic term, embracing all multifarious means which human ingenuity can devise, and which are resorted to by one individual to get advantage over another by false suggestions or by suppression of truth, and includes all surprise, trick, cunning, dissembling, and any unfair way by which another is cheated. Johnson v. McDonald, 170 Okl. 117, 39 P.2d 150.

“Bad faith” and “fraud” are synonymous, and also synonyms of dishonesty, infidelity, faithlessness, perfidy, unfair-ness, etc. Joiner v. Joiner, Tex.Civ.App., 87 S.W. 2d 903, 914, 915. [TEXAS LAW]

just to note.