Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



“If you understand the Appeals process, then why are you in such a hurry.” …again, with all due respect Chuck… Have you read any of my posts referencing to the “double standard” of law enforcement, judges and/or the “system” as a whole? Are you OK with the way things are?; The way “they” make laws and exempt “themselves” from the laws they write and reserve the way the apply them and to whom & when? Hey Chuck, why are you targeting what I say of the unfairness/screwed up system lately?..huh! (as arranged & taken on your own words) How about more of a supportive stance since “we are in this together”? May we have some support? Hey Chuck, let me get a bit more personal, so respectfully I am going to ask how much time do you have in this draconian registry made up by our Country’s version of Gestapo practices? Can you be honest!!? How long d-o- y-o-u have? You are, in my opinion, too calm about this process to have 2 years or less. I have “supposedly” so far under “current laws” less than 1½ years.

Everyday is one day of risk with these LEO’s on the streets or knocking RSO’s doors down with or without warrants or reasons and without having committed a crime (do you not read news affecting RSO’s?). Nevermind me speaking of the the vigilantes of justice against RSO’s out there hurting & killing RSO’s and family of RSO’s, but law enforcement “official” made up statistics will not show that because, it does not fit their agenda. There is plenty of risks everyday we wake up in life. I want this one in particular (as it should have been 4½ years ago and/or never in the first place) ended now Sir. Period!
-Yes Chuck, I am respectfully calling you out on a public comment forum thru the internet-