Reply To: WHY do we register children as sexual criminals?

Larry Evans

i sorry the justice system has been broken for a long time, because of their position as a legislator their idiots ram laws
through trying to convince the public they are looking out for the common good. this has been a false narrative all along. they didnt have the intelligence to vision ahead, the cost to tax payers the burden put on communities, police departments, scare tatics, stated to the public to make them beleive there was a so called “SEXOFFENDER” hidding in every bush outside every home. BS they should be heald acountable for the outrageous claims they made to justify
their pandering for votes and the cost to those accused and their families. i spoke with a 17 year old who’s high school
girlfriend’s mother got mad and called the police on him after months of him staying at their house sleeping in his girlfriends room( the mother totally aware) he was wondering what will happen for him i told him his Dream of being an Dentist like his uncle was over, he would only find a good job if he started a business for himself, his opertunities in life were pretty much wiped out, he was crushed, people want to look down their nose and say he deserves it, “WRONG” on every level. he was no danger to anyone but they charged him with things he never did only to force him toward a plea bargain because of his parents not having the thousands of Dollars. ( some justice system.)