Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution

terry brunson

@ Brian
Hey Brian – it is terry- there will be no word until the SCOTUS accept to hear the review of Pa. case Muniz. . The way the court works is this:

1 Freed makes his appeal for review to the PASC for the record on MUNIZ
2. A Stay on Muniz case is issued for 90 days.
3. The clerk of the SCOTUS accepts the PASC record on MUNIZ
4. A Docket number is set by the clerk of the SCOTUS
5. The Docket order gets to a list of cases to be accepted by the 9 panel Justices of the SCOTUS
6. They will accept or deny the case.
7. If they accept it. a hearing is set. . . . . . then more time goes by wainting fot the date
8. If they deny the case . . The SCOTUS will remand the case back to the PASC clerk with all the records.
9. Then the PASC will write an opinion and a declared judgement to to Pa. AG office
10. The AG office will give instructions to the PSP to follow the oreder of the PASC court on Muniz
11. The PSP will them start removing names from the Megan’s Law registry

All of this will take time. . . . . This is what I been telling you is Freed’s objective. To waste time.

The SCOTUS will deny Freed’s Cert for review about May of 2018
The Remand to the PASC on Muniz will happen about August 2018
The PASC is issue opinion and judgment to Pa, AG about Sept 2018
The AG will then instruct the PSP to remove names off the Megan’s Law registry
The PSP will drag their feet for about 18 months form the Pa. AG order saying they are trying to comply with the instruction by they only have 8 hours in a day and staff is working as diligent as they can to insure that all pre SORNA people get off the registry as ordered….

You can wait this out and see that what I am telling you will happen close to this time frame. . . . . The wait see will be just as you see