Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


…OK! To answer you Brian; I will say that I share your “we gone forever like when we sleep without dreaming we don’t even know we exist” assessment. No, I do not believe in a super natural being of any kind that watches everything we do, is everywhere, is all powerful and yet we have this World with so much greed, suffering, hate, wars, deaths (specially to good people) etc. Odd and sad to many, considering I was brought (as many in my time and before me) in a religious family setting (you know…with the Christmas & Easter Bunny lies!). But understood and not surprising to some with an open mind, educated outside of the “indoctrination of society(ies)” and with realist views & knowledge of “true history”. As such, I will never accept the existence of such a selfish & limited entity, even if it were ever to exist under whatever name (extra terrestrials perhaps…Lol). I apologize if anyone feels or is made “offended” in this delicate and so easy to be an “offender” type World. But I will not apologize for my views that I have reached a conclusion through extensive research & life experiences (theology is an amazing study by the way! One can learn of how religions have been used since ancient times to control people).

“sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in and I can’t push them back, I feel like the world is out to get me, I’m not being paranoid because the would really is out to get me because I am an SO and no one gives a flyin F about us!” …I feel the exact same way regularly. I am grateful that NARSOL/Moderators here have allowed me to post my frustrations & emotions thru writing. I also agree that not many care. Example: I provided (and was allowed to post) an entire area of research compiled over years of articles and many many hours of my time to put together over time regarding Adam Walsh Act/Law & John Walsh clear vendetta/hate/crime of underage dating never charged on him. The only one who replied to the article was you Brian. No one else! Not even NARSOL Moderators or Reps on a valid series of articles that are fact!

…the answers will not change and like you said, will only be worded differently. Yes, lawyers are harvesting the fruits of “their labor” with RSO’s. And best wishes on your pursuit of justice though, some of us can afford justice or “live off grid” (as you pointed on a different reply) and somewhere away from people. I have tried to truly be able to get lawyers and a place away while keeping myself legal/in compliance, but have not been able to get there. I get knock down every time I move a step in the direction of success. I also do not have a supporting partner. Mine left me to “rot” in military confinement nearly 15 years ago. I have refused to ever marry again! (until death do you apart is not all that is cracked up to be)…and I was set up. Never actually committed the crime I was charged with. …….what am I saying!!!? …Of course I did, that is why I took the pre-trial agreement! (sarcasm) **Obligated-shoveled down my throat in order to get out of prison’s Sex Offender Therapist says to me staring with a deep piercing gaze**