Reply To: WHY do we register children as sexual criminals?

William H

With recidivism rates at 1-3 percent, the age and the nature of the event, what exactly is the point. Legislatures, who pretend to hold their head above the norms of society, go out of their way to enact draconian laws which do more harm then good. Justice is not served. Instead innocent lives are destroyed forever. All for the self righteousness of an over zealous minority group of egoistic politicians. Instead of using common sense, like counseling such ‘offender’s’ or juvenile probation, our justice system seeks them out, humiliates them and their families and often incarcerates them among a population of serious criminals. When it comes to ‘sex’ crimes as loosely defined in this article, our justice system is not working to protect the lives of citizens but is destroying the lives of innocence.