Reply To: Supreme Court justices do botch the truth, even in cases of great importance


You know sometimes we all need a bit of push and I’m sure NARSOL could use a bit of a push also. In some of these internet sex sting ordeals even some of these having sex with someone that was consensual or slightly younger than one thought, I’m sure it would be safe to say a lot of them just amount toamount to Sexual misconduct. If these law enforcment people ask you to bring condoms than you find out that they are the law on the other end of the computer by going down their than one know’s it was pre-planned in advance. No citizen to my knowledge plans to get into an automobile accident do they?
I believe the court systems need to look at this justice theory that they have came up with to induce these diobolic sex schemes and than revamp the rights and liberitys of Citizens of America. Aside from the sex schemes why do you think people protest about police coruption in America. I’m sure with this sex scheme we all can learn that police are just as undermided when it comes to true Justice. Billy Joel once said “Were only human” so get your second wind.
One cannot protect someone that is imaginary as one cannot have faith in God if God is imaginary can one? You know I may talk about the bible on here at times but who’s doing wrong and who’s doing right in these ordeals. When police protect and serve they protect the person that they are called to protect or should they trump up some fictitous person to protect or are they going on a canvassing spree or prediction. Sure one can protrol but presenting an opportunity is out of character for one to protect and service. Man wants to hold things against a person the rest of their life. Would a true person of God do that so what God are they serving? If you read the bible two wrongs don’t make a right. Lawyers sometimes I have to wonder about them. I think Billy Joel was right, were only human.