Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry


It is time to abolish the sex offender registry, since my release from prison 5 yrs ago, I have done everything humanly possible to show that I can be a viable member of the community, completing an associates degree program, completing probation and even getting my rights restored, yet, everytime that I apply for a job, I am thanked for being a veteran, offered a job, only to get screwed out of a job, because of being on the registry. The issue is that these background checks are usually done between a 7 and 10 yr period, mine is over 10 yrs old, so the only thing that shows up is the registry, despite challenging these companies, they say they can go beyond that scope. How is a person supposed to live, if they can’t get a job, because the registry is a continued punishment, it does not protect anyone, which lawmakers want people to believe. My case is suspect at best, and was railroaded into accepting a plea and at the time, took it to protect my family from having to testify against the person who made the false allegations. If we are trying to reduce people going back to prison and being successful on the streets, the first thing that must happen is getting rid of the registry. In the past year, I have had to have my registry entries corrected, because Virginia either deleted or put in the wrong information on the registry, forcing me to having to go the state police (who don’t want the registry), to put my prints on another form to have the info corrected. A SCARLET LETTER>