Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@Chuck and Adam
Thanks for the update that’s lowers the stress level a little bit, so I supose we will be waiting another year to two years before we are release or sue again I supose.
It really sucks because nowhere in my court documents does it say I had to register however it does say that the courts are not recommending that Mr me register as an RSO, they left it up to probation to do that and it was a deferred sentence, also it stated if I failed to fallow probation requirements I would have spent 10 years in he joint. So I never violated I paid all my fines and restitution, did my community service and was ultimately released from my probation, my question is and you probably may or may not know the answer to this but can someone explain why I was required to register for 10 years and then AWA kicked in and I had to tack on another 10 or so years? Thanks for any answers?