Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



@Adam @Chuck
…Thank you for the updated info!

What I find disappointing (and yes, I will say it again…) is the lack of RSO’s supportive community organizations from Attorney/Law Scholars/LEO Professionals. (I get it, they seldom work for free even if a matter is of ethical/moral/Constitutional importance)

My opinion: By now, a date should have been set/arranged with supporting entities like NARSOL at the forefront, some great “free” Constitution/ethics/morals believing lawyers (yes, they are out there!), ACLU and supporting politicians (but very doubtful they would for it would still currently be political suicide to them) to gather peacefully outside PA PSP @ 1800 Elmerton Ave. Harrisburg, Pa 17110 or the appropriate Harrisburg Court House with all PA RSO’s possible present to file whatever needs to be filed under whatever name these legal cartel people want to use and demand that they enforce the PA SC Muñiz decision en masse. Together as many of us as possible!!! Overwhelm the hell out of them! Get the news involved so people can see the lies they have been spoon fed thru bogus statistics and how “they” (our so called public servants) do not want to follow the law and that only the heavens knows what else do they not follow, will they not follow, and do or will manipulate in the future!!! I would applaud and support such peaceful/rightful gathering.
*But such gathering it is not going to happen*

What is it now Chuck, 2019 sometime?…
By then my fire to want to do something to make a difference and be involved and learn laws and organize will have extinguish. I will no longer care. I will no longer want to know more on the subject nor, will I want memories of it.

I have tried and done the best I could with all the limitation imposed on me, financial, legal, health and otherwise. Best of luck to everyone! …and again, thank you to all genuinely involved & caring enough! -Peace to all and Freedom where such applies-