Reply To: Colorado ruling sparks deeper debate over sex offender registries

R. Arens

Dude, stuff like this makes me ashamed to call myself an american. If I was Zuckerberg rich, I’d buy a island and let the people who keep it real live on it. What we really need is to get all 800 thousand sex offenders and their friends and family to go all in and straight wage civil war against these corrupt pieces of s__t! I’m telling ya, wars have been waged over pettier things than this. Our nation thinks that when it comes to civil rights for sex offenders, they can wipe their a__es with it because it don’t apply to us. Everything that’s happened to the Jew, the black, people from the middle east (post 911,) that s__t is happening to us! Violence, bigotry, stereotyping, all manners of intoleranice. If a guy beats up a sex offender, it’s not a hate crime; it’s 5th degree assault because we’re not even a protected class. If they gave us the same protections they gave those of race, disability, sexual orientation, etc. Those who assault us would go fed for 5 years and the penalty for sex crimes would just be a fine or jail, nothing more. That wouldn’t do for our nosy oppressive government.