Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


To All

I just got off the phone with the Megans Law Section of the PSP in Harrisburg. They confirmed while the petition of review is pending they will NOT be proceeding with the removal of RSOS. Everything is on hold untill we hear whether or not SCOTUS is going to hear the case. If they decide to hear the case, PSP will continue to NOT remove RSOS.
I asked if the PSP had a sense of timing of when we could expect a decision on the petition of review. They said they definitely feel it will be next year before we hear anything concernig the decision on the Petition and if they decide to hear the case, it won’t be untill next term (2018-2019 Term) more likely than not.

Over all this is good news, because we will be able to see every deadline and every extension to a deadline.We be in the dark as far as what is going on.
So as I have stressed,they told me to make sure everyone continues to REGISTER…
This morning at 4am I tried to download the petition but it wasn’t ready to be viewed yet. Also, the SCOTUS official website will most likely be updated first. Just scroll to the bottom, click on dicey search and enter in the docket number.
Ok Guys, we are in good shape to stay informed now.