Reply To: District Attorney to seek SCOTUS review of PA decision


I think we need to find out why some so called people on our side seem to have apathy for any forward progress and lack of input for someone trying file a writ to get relief that they are due now? They will say oh theres nothing you can do all the way up until the PA house comes out with an all new spick and span bill that they know won’t pass muster as freed likes to say, then they will say off sorry well just have to wait and see. It seems to me some are trying to keep us out of the loop.
Why are there no attorneys recommend, on hear or any other forum, that can file for the ones that are due relief now? Why is no one talking about it? Just being coy and nudging everyone to wait and see what happens.
File a writ ASAP don’t wait don’t be patient.
We need a group with our interest at heart, not a, we well decide whats best, forum, because they don’t.
I haven’t seen one post from someone that has filed a writ on any forum. I wonder why that is?
I spoke with Reeds attorney Sam Stetton, I will be meeting him this week. He said that a writ of mandamus is in order, there is no stay on reed, and the courts have to use president, they have numerous cases coming down every week siting Muniz and Reed.
If anyone has info on a writ going in for relief post it I will be updating on my case.