Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



Hi to everyone & blessings!

@Chuck on your reply/question on October 13, 2017 at 8:54 pm
…because as you pointed out about “the public’s mind” such articles are sexually related crime in nature and automatically, more often than not, thought of by “the public’s mind” as there being more under these people’s veil or deep in their lives revolving and/or leading to children being harm or involved. Then leading often to “the public’s mind” that there is more…there has to be more…there is always more! Come on, with all do respect, you should know this! It is obvious for anyone that has endured this life sentence of punishment! Do not misunderstand, I am glad to answer your question (if genuine) as I would anyone, but I honestly do not know if you were asking just to get a reaction out of me.

@Mark on your reply/question on October 14, 2017 at 12:38 pm
…listen, I at this stage of my life do not trust anything coming out of/created by lawmakers/legislators. I have seen/experienced myself how laws are made and adjusted to serve the purpose of the rich, powerful and whoever fits the “Agenda”. No law of man is absolute. They all have the potential to be changed and/or applied as the “whoever is born in/voted/selected/given charge” deems fit. To try to answer (again, to try!) your question I would “think” that the closing time for Freed’s filing would be at close of government business hours. Problem is; Is there an uniform closing hour accepted by all States and D.C.? Wouldn’t different time zones conflict? Thus such thing exists to begin with? So, to play it safe, you should consider closing time to be 11:59pm October 17! But again, with these crooks (I apologize, well meaning Officials), that can be altered somehow and be OK and lawful and Constitutional and yada yada yada.

I read that you have been answered your questions by others. (for the most part as possible)
Thank you. I did take a few days away from the internet news articles or Newspapers. I went away to connect with nature a bit. I feel a little better (a lot more than I was weeks ago for sure).
I do not personally know you, but I feel with you (and/or anyone else that has) on your experience at work, with “co-workers” or Bosses, communities, “friends” (if there is such) or even family. The negative experiences should have never happened and much less the way they may have. We took responsibility for our actions, wherever they may have been, we paid according to law and what was given as punishment (slaps on the wrists included for some), we should have been able to move on with our lives and be productive (not as if many of us weren’t already!) and have peace from persecution. Our “Government Officials” failed us (but favored others, albeit for political aspirations & personal gain/status in “some” cases and our “laws” of the land/man did not protect us. As it should have, sadly. But, such is life! (human life at least) Maybe is different in Mars! …Lol 🙂