Reply To: Vice-chair interviewed for NC State Fair piece; heavily edited



Tim I like that refresher course thing. Actually I have had three probation officers as I recall. Two of them didn’t know where I was coming from and one took over after the other’s passed me down to him. See they can’t trump the word of the lord and I hit them with it and they really don’t understand themselves. All they are interested in I think is getting their job done as they have so many that they don’t want any guff from them.
So in other words who’s caught with their pants down. Its so funny some of these sex registry ordeals that human behavior is just as bad in police circles. Even government branches can’t seem to agree on things. Are we still, We the people” or did we elect those to run amuck and press their own agenda on society whether “We the People” agree on it or not.
Yes government will get a rude awaking. I believe a lot of us human’s know how to act but getting caught up in a snare by those that suppose to protect and serve isn’t the best way to protect. One doesn’t give an opportunity and than says its for protection regardless in we bait to come down or not we can still pressure you into it. And like the detective told me, if you weren’t gonna come down here, we were gonna come and get you. Law enforcement are n it to win no matter if you ask to back out or not, they seem to have their little ways around it and the person in the ordeal at the time is intimidated all the while.