Reply To: International Travel


I went on a Carnival cruise to Mexico leaving from Long Beach CA in April 2017. I tried to find out prior if I would have any trouble with Carnival but couldn’t find any info and had no problems going on the cruise. I didn’t think about looking if I might have trouble in Mexico on our day stop in Ensenada Mexico, thankfully I didn’t. I also looked up any requirements for if I would have to report my travel with my state. I didn’t. However, I didn’t need a passport for the cruise/trip. Just my ID and birth certificate so I don’t know if that was the difference.
No problems in California. When I called california to ask about their SOR requirements they said what I got charged for isn’t even a crime in CA so the lady “didn’t know”, she was not helpful. But she told me I didn’t have to register for my short visit in Cali. (Couple days before and after cruise.
Hope this helps someone.

I also agree with the posters that this scarlet letter they stamp on sex offender needs to be removed. I have spent sleepless nights trying to figure out how. All I know is we have to stand together.