Reply To: Vice-chair interviewed for NC State Fair piece; heavily edited


While people have a lot to say about fairgrounds and attendance it does surprise about who they can consider dangerous. If that’s the case anyone could go off at a state fair. I guess puking at a state fair would be a form of abuse ( I knew you would like that maestro) if one tried to wipe. I’m getting as bad as Brian.
No but considering the sex offender and his or her rights these law’s and government go a above and beyond what is necessary. The internet sex scheme is enough. When physical abuse of a sexual nature is done to another than that should be questioned. These ankle things are a bit much. I guess its like implanting a chip in one’s brain. I think I saw a science fiction movie about that. If that’s the case than they could put a chip in a car and have license plate ran and a little fine in the mail come to one’s door saying your car went over the speed limit from what the computer chip alert said and here’s your find.
I honestly see no reason that dope dealers or any other criminal can go to a state fair but one that is on the sex registry. What about the one’s off probation. This sex offender ordeal is off base and discriminates those on the registry. Common sense right is right and wrong is wrong. Playing the devil’s advocate is no good. Protecting and serving is better when one needs protecting… Over protecting is a bit much as it smothers one to death.